Status: confirmed

Duration of the project: May 2018 – November 2019

Project holder: Pustolovski park GEOSS d.o.o.

Total value of the project without VAT: 74.828,36 EUR, thereof value of cofinancing EAFRD 33.381,84 EUR

Description of the project:

With the building of the Motor skill development pathway for children, people at Adventure park Geoss wish to increase social functions of a forest and attract new groups of people, that didn’t have a chance to experience a forest adventure. At the moment, children, older than 4 years can climb in the park, and with the building of the new Motor skill development pathway, younger children and babies will get a chance to experience an adventure in a forest. Motor skill development pathway will be placed on the ground in two parts. The first part represents an innovative polygon with 17 elements, while the second part is pictured to be more natural with rocks, trees and wooden elements. Around the pathway, they intend to set up heated benches for resting, running on wooden biomass.

Goals of the project:

  • improvement of quality of life
  • increase of diversification of tourist activities
  • expansion of environmental information
  • increase in social functions of a forest
  • intergenerational events with included vulnerable target groups
  • support services for improvement of working and living conditions, especially for vulnerable target groups.

Activities of the project:

  • preparation of the terrain for the pathway
  • polygon from 17 different elements
  • arrangement of the surrounding area (two heated benches, running on wooden biomass, a fence and an informative board)
  • promotional material and advertising on online channels
  • new website
  • organization of 6 events, in collaboration with the company Pedosana
  • organization of 5 free events for the underprivileged
  • daycare and accompanying children in the park.


  • sensual pathway set up
  • arranged surroundings
  • website
  • improvement of quality of living (events)



Evropski kmetijski sklad za razvoj podeželja

Program za razvoj podeželja


Project Forest motor skill development pathway for children and area for socializing, Adventure Park Geoss