We built a motor skill development pathway in Adventure park Geoss for our youngest visitors. We removed some of the forest undergrowth, added natural elements (branches, logs, rocks and stumps), linked them together into a rounded path, protected the ground with wood chips and put heated benches in close proximity. From now on, the youngest children can also experience a real adventure in the forest.


The motor skill development pathway consists of two parts. Polygon (the first part) is intended only for babies, who can already crawl and children for up to 3 years of age. The second part consists of five larger elements, that are meant for a bit older children. The motor skill development pathway itself is intended for motor skill development for children for up to seven years of age, in compliance with guidelines of motor skill development up to that age.

A child should, by the third year, manage to conquer all natural forms of motion (walking, running, climbing, descending, lifting, catching, etc.), and later in the motor skill development, up until seven years, other fundamentals, that greatly affect their overall development, and later, motor skill development in adult years. The things that we miss in the early years are hard to replace later in life.

Polygon is assembled from 17 different elements, on which the youngest will try different foundations, move in different ways, sense different shapes and face different obstacles. The polygon is intended for children from crawling stage and up to three years of age at most. It is composed of simple climbers and sensual plateaus, made from all natural materials, because we want to encourage natural forms of motion in a child and, at the same time, stimulate building their body scheme. The ground is secured with wood chips to ease possible falls.

Other parts of The motor skill development pathway represent elements that try to recreate an adventure of mother nature. The Nest is made from interlaced tree logs, and is accessible from an ingenious tunnel. In the Nest, kids get a feeling of a safe place, even though it doesn’t have any doors. The Lying tree will, with its natural branches, definitely attract little adventurers to uncover their climbing abilities and also defeat and conquer the Lying tree. The Pyramid made out of logs will probably represent a hill, that everyone adventurer has to conquer, a tree group of wooden dinosaurs will allow kids to explore spaces above and below them. And The Path of the upright trees will most likely be a path, walked most times in the whole park.

Children, older than three years, can move alone or accompanied with parents or guardians on the path, but have to be controlled all the time. Children, younger than 3 years, have to have constant control by their parents or guardians, monitoring and accompanying them at conquering the obstacles on the Polygon.

We designed The motor skill development pathway for the youngest, especially the Polygon, in association with experts from motor development centre for children and babies, Pedosana d.o.o. In Pedosana, they teach parents how to stimulate motor skill development in babies and children up to three years of age. In the first months of the babies life, they lead parents in appropriate handling, which needs to be upgraded in line with the motor skill development. With exercises and encouragement, they follow the babies’ development and don’t get ahead of it. Later, they direct them, with more exercise, to conquering more difficult and more natural patterns of movement. Skilled experts from a field of motor skill development in babies and children from Pedosana say that motor skill development starts in the mother's belly and is especially intense up to three years of age. That is why it is so important, how we handle the baby and encourage him/her in his/her motor skill-developing journey right from the birth. It is very important to enable him/her as much experience, explorations of their own body and freedom of movement - at first on the ground, and later on different heights, obstacles etc.


In the close proximity of The motor skill development pathway, there are heated benches for adults and tired toddlers to sit around, chat, exchange experiences or simply rest.

Parents and grandparents, who came with little explorers to Adventure park Geoss, but they won’t be climbing or accompany them on the motor skill development pathway, are also welcome to sit on the heated benches. In early spring and late autumn, the benches will be heated, and in hot summer months, they will offer a pleasant rest in a natural shade


For adults with small children we prepared an offer for daycare. At certain times, there is an animator at the Motor skill development pathway, that cares for your child (for children aged from 3 to 7 years), while you climb in the treetops or treat yourself on Sensual forest retreat. Available terms of organized daycare are posted on our website. That does not apply for the Polygon, where parents or guardians must be present at all times of their children's activities.


In collaboration with Pedosana d.o.o., motor development centre for kids and babies, we carry out motoric ability hours/motor skill experiences for children through conquering obstacles with repetitive movement, which influences well on later motoric development. With the use of the Polygon and other elements on The motor skill development pathway, the experts teach parents how to stimulate motor development in babies (the ones that already crawl/ move on their hands and knees) and toddlers (up to three years of age). By doing that, they encourage their physical and mental development. Dates of carrying out motor skill development hours are posted on our webpage.


When setting up The motor skill development pathway, we used all natural materials. Trees, wood, stumps, rocks, cones, spruce needles and soil has been installed in that space in a way, that it is not harmful for the forest. On The motor skill development pathway, the child is in direct contact with nature, but at the same time, protected enough, that he/she can move in it independently and experiences a true adventure and a new way of moving.


Motor skill development pathway for the youngest – an adventure for toddlers, Adventure Park Geoss Motor skill development pathway for the youngest – an adventure for toddlers, Adventure Park Geoss Motor skill development pathway for the youngest – an adventure for toddlers, Adventure Park Geoss Motor skill development pathway for the youngest – an adventure for toddlers, Adventure Park Geoss Motor skill development pathway for the youngest – an adventure for toddlers, Adventure Park Geoss


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