An adventure is the best gift you can give to someone. That is why we prepared some gift certificates for the treetop adventure that you can give to someone for a birthday, anniversary, New years or as a business gift.

Examples of Adventure park Geoss gift certificates:

  • family ticket (56 EUR), includes 3 hours of climbing for 2 adults and 2 children to enjoy
  • an individual ticket (20 EUR) for 3 hours of climbing for one adult
  • a VIP ticket (100 EUR), for a group of 10 people to ride on a Huge zip-line for 1 hour (this gift certificate is possible to use also in the winter months with reservation beforehand)
  • a gift certificate that you can design yourself. All you have to do is look at our price list and decide for an adventure of your liking
  • you can end a climbing adventure with a ride on a huge zip-line and sleeping and/or eating in treetops (spending a night in a treetop or a picnic on a platform) - read more about that here.


When you decide for a gift certificate and adventure you want, just send us an email to

Then make a payment to Pustolovski park Geoss d.o.o., account number SI56 10100 0050625362, opened at Banka Koper, for the purpose of payment put a chosen adventure, for the reference put the date of your remittance.

We will send you your gift certificate as soon as we get your order and remittance.

Give an adventure, give an experience.


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