1. Before usage of Adventure park Geoss, every visitor must read and agree to these terms. Each participating adult must sign the Rules of entry form, confirming that they have read the rules of the usage of the park and that they agree with them, and guarantee that for any children under 15 years that they accompany (you have to write all of the names and contact information of the children on the form). With your signature you also take responsibility for your own actions in Adventure park Geoss.
  2. Usage of Adventure park Geoss comes with some risks and is at participant’s own responsibility. For the responsibility of the company Pustolovski park Geoss d.o.o. or managing look at number 7.
  3. Adventure park Geoss is suitable for children older than 4 years, that are not afraid of heights and the usage of the park presents no physical or any other harm or danger for them or others. Children younger than 15 years can use Adventure park Geoss with a company of a responsible adult. About the usage of individual courses, additional conditions apply:
Course colour
Required age/height
Yellow children from 4 years and up
White children from 4 years and up
Green from 6 years up (minimal height 140 cm with arms up). 1 adult can accompany max 3 children
Blue from 10 years up (minimal height 160 cm with arms up). 1 adult can accompany max 3 children
Red from 12 years up (minimal height 160 cm with arms up). 1 adult can accompany max 3 children
Orange from 12 years up (minimal height 160 cm with arms up). 1 adult can accompany max 3 children
Huge zip-line
from 12 years up (minimal weight 35 kg), 1 adult can accompany max 3 children
  1. It is strictly forbidden to bring any small objects, such as earrings, mobile phones, cameras etc. to Adventure park Geoss, because they represent danger for themselves and other participants.
  2. Every participant has to take part in a safety briefing, that consists of theoretical and practical parts. All the instructions from the trainer/instructor or organizer are obligatory and are required to abide. If any violation of the rule occurs, the person can be demanded to leave Adventure park Geoss. If safety violation occurs, the company Pustolovski park Geoss d.o.o. or the managing party does not take any compensation sought related to that.
  3. Every participant gets their own safety gear, which consists of a safety harness and carabiners, which you are not allowed to take off or transfer to other people during the use of Adventure park Geoss. Safety gear must be used as instructed by the instructor/organizer. Safety gear must be returned undamaged at the end of the visit to Adventure park Geoss. Safety carabiners must be connected to safety steel cable at all times. When you are moving from one safety cable to another, at least one safety carabiner must alway be connected to the cable at all times. You should never unclasp both of the safety carabiners at the same time. In case of any doubt, check with the instructor.
  4. Company Pustolovski park d.o.o. is responsible in the context of law for personal damage. For material damage and property, Pustolovski park Geoss d.o.o. is responsible only in case of instructor’s/trusted guider’s severe carelessness.
  5. Only one person can be using one climbing element at once. On one platform, there can simultaneously be 2 people. The usage of the polygons is only allowed as stated in point 3 of these rules.
  6. Management of Pustolovski park Geoss d.o.o. maintains the right to remove any person from Adventure park Geoss, who does not obey these rules of usage. Management of Pustolovski park Geoss d.o.o. also maintains the right to close the park at any time, due to any safety or technical reasons (fire, windstorm, thunderstorm etc.). In that case, the entry fee is not refundable. The refund is also not possible in a case when a person voluntarily leaves Adventure park Geoss.
  7. The usage of the park is forbidden under influence of drugs, alcohol or any other psychoactive substances. Smoking while wearing safety gear or using the park is not allowed.