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Terms concerning the usage of the website
By entering and viewing any part of the website, you agreed to the terms and restrictions of use. If you do not agree with all of the terms, we ask you not to use these pages. We advise that you occasionally check the updated Terms of usage or Privacy policies, which are legally binding.
Company Pustolovski park Geoss d.o.o. manages, controls and updates these web pages. Web pages are intended for the use of people, living in Slovenia and general part to visitors from other countries. Pustolovski park Geoss, d.o.o. is not liable for possible incorrect information on these web pages.

Limitation of responsibility
Although, company Pustolovski park Geoss, d.o.o., is managing and will continue to manage the website with all due care to assure the accurate and up-to-date information, we do not take any responsibility for their consistency and completion. We reserve the right to, anytime and in any way, change the content of these web pages, regardless of the reason and without any notice. Every user is using the published content at their own risk. Therefore, neither Pustolovski park Geoss, d.o.o. nor legal/natural person, that took part in creating and preparing this web sites, are in no way responsible for any damage, that would be made to the user in relation to access, use and/or inability to use information on this website, and/or any error or incompleteness in their contents. It is possible that the individual user of Pustolovski park Geoss, d.o.o. websites, responds differently to our web pages. In that event, Pustolovski park Geoss, d.o.o. does not take any obligation or responsibility. Pustolovski park Geoss, d.o.o. warns its user that these references are considered to be non-confidential and unprotected. Pustolovski park Geoss, d.o.o. reserves a right to their free use, copy, and disclosing them to others without limitation, without revealing the source. Pustolovski park Geoss, d.o.o., reserves the right to use all information, that are the subject of the allegations, in our discretion.

Links to third party websites
Certain content and links on these web pages may be from third parties, but Pustolovski park Geoss, d.o.o. is not responsible for their content.

Intellectual property rights
For content, images and graphic displays on Pustolovski park Geoss, d.o.o., web pages, are a subject to copyright or other forms of intellectual property which are protected within the legal permitted framework. Documents on these web pages can only be reproduced for non-commercial use and for personal use only, while retaining all copyright and other provided notices. Copying, duplicating, changing or otherwise distributing information from these sites for commercial purposes is prohibited. Pustolovski park Geoss, d.o.o., has the right to use logos and other third-party trademarks.

Protection of privacy – Privacy Policy
Pustolovski park Geoss, d.o.o. dedicates particular attention to the protection of the privacy of the information, obtained from users of these sites and their personal information in accordance with applicable law.
Website of Adventure park Geoss:, can be visited without revealing your personal data. Personal data is only required when submitting an event registration form, sending a question or buying product/service of Pustolovski park Geoss, d.o.o.
Personal data is collected by Pustolovski park Geoss, d.o.o., only when submitted with registration form, filled out forms or email as part of buying product/service from Pustolovski park Geoss, d.o.o.

Personal data collector
Personal information of e-news subscribers is processed by:
Pustolovski park Geoss, d.o.o.,
Miloš Kimovec
Phone number: 030 332 332
(hereinafter also: manager)

Protection of personal data
Personal data, provided by a user or customer in forms (name, e-mail, phone number, address etc.) or sent via newsletter subscription form are confidential, and shall be treated in accordance with applicable personal legislation on the protection of personal data. Manager will protect personal data of users and customers and prevent their misuse.
Customers, users and newsletter subscribers allow the collector to process and store the personal information transmitted in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act.

Visitors’ consent to receiving a newsletter
The personal data manager offers visitors of the possibility to subscribe to newsletters with the same extent of consent, also in writing, with the individual signing the consent with his/her own signature.
The manager shall keep written consent as evidence of the consent given until the end of purpose for which the consent was obtained.

Unsubscribing from receiving the newsletter (subscribers)
Subscribers to newsletters may unsubscribe at any time from receiving them.

The purpose of collecting personal information from newsletter subscribers
Pustolovski park Geoss, d.o.o. processes personal data of newsletter subscribers for the following purposes:

  • to inform subscribers about news and offers in Pustolovski park Geoss, d.o.o.
  • event notification
  • for direct marketing and
  • advertising, using Google, Facebook and Mailchimp.

The rights of data providers (you)

User, buyer or newsletter subscriber:

  • may withdraw consent, in writing or electronically, at any time, without prejudice to the lawfulness of the processing, carried out on the basis of consent until revoked;
  • may, at any time, request a written notification of which personal data is, relating to them, is in the personal database of Pustolovski park Geoss, d.o.o., and request their correction if inaccurate;
  • may, at any time, request in writing, the deleting of his or her personal data for the above purposes;
  • has the right to request the restriction of the processing of personal data, to object to the processing and the right to transfer of data; and
  • has the right to appeal to the supervisory authority.

Consent validity period
The provider may process the said data for his or her own need until the withdrawal of consent by requesting the removal of personal data from the database, but only for such time as is strictly necessary to achieve the purpose for which the data were collected or until the subscriber unsubscribes from the newsletter, or until the manager ceases to be active on the market.

Information about Privacy Policy version from Pustolovski park Geoss, d.o.o.
This Privacy Policy from Pustolovski park Geoss, d.o.o. has been published on the website on 24 May 2018 and carries the version 1.1.
In addition to personal information, provided by users, Pustolovski park Geoss d.o.o. also collects information via cookies; these may include the website, that was linked to the site, the websites, visited by the Pustolovski park Geoss d.o.o. sites, the users of the IP address and the duration of the visit to the site. Pustolovski park Geoss d.o.o. does not try to find out the user’s identity.
Data, provided to Pustolovski park Geoss d.o.o. by the users or collected through cookies, are processed for the following purposes: for statistical purposes, to identify server problems, to edit web pages, prepare products and services, commissioned by users and for other purposes.

A cookie is a small file that is placed on a user’s device during a visit to the website and is recognized by the site that issued a cookie. The purpose of using cookies is to improve the functioning of the website and to improve the user experience when viewing the website.
Some of the cookies Pustolovski park Geoss, d.o.o. uses are sessional, while some remain stored on the user’s device for a certain period of time, even when he/she leaves our site. With session cookies, Pustolovski park Geoss, d.o.o. measures the number of visitors to a website, and with stored ones, saves contact information for subsequent visits to those sites, so that the same user will no longer be required to sign in the next time. Pustolovski park Geoss, d.o.o. also uses stored cookies, that originate from other websites; these are cookies from Youtube, which allow the viewing of specific video content, advertising cookies and Google Analytics cookies, which determine how users navigate web pages, what content they are interested in and how long a visit to lasted. As a result, Pustolovski park Geoss, d.o.o. is able to customize and edit the content of the website, according to the needs of visitors.
The information, collected through cookies, is processed  by Pustolovski park Geoss, d.o.o., solely for statistical purposes, identifying server problems, editing websites and providing product information, but only in such a way that it is not possible to identify a user. Most browsers automatically accept cookies. The user may refuse the use of cookies at any time. If the user wants to change the way cookies are used in the browser, including blocking or deleting them, he or she can do so by changing the browser settings appropriately. More information about refusing cookies are available at or

Pustolovski park Geoss, d.o.o. uses technical and organizational security measures that protect users’ data from manipulation, loss, destruction or unauthorised access. Standard firewall and password protection are also used to ensure the security and confidentiality of personal information collected online. When handling personal information, Pustolovski park Geoss, d.o.o. conducts actions, designed to protect that information from loss, misuse, unauthorized access, disclosure, modification or destruction. In all cases, data cannot be protected from loss, misuse, unauthorized access, disclosure, modification or destruction, but Pustolovski park Geoss, d.o.o. endeavours to prevent such events.

Contact with the company Pustolovski park Geoss, d.o.o.:
In case of problems, questions, insight, correction, blocking and deletion of personal data, the user should contact us via email to The constant development of the web requires that this legal notice be modified from time to time. Pustolovski park Geoss, d.o.o. reserves the right to make these changes.

Last updated: 24 May 2018

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