In collaboration with Pedosana d.o.o., motor development centre for kids and babies, we carry out motor skill experiences for children through conquering obstacles with repetitive movement, which influences well on later motoric development. With the use of the Polygon and other elements in The motor skill development pathway, the experts teach parents how to stimulate motor development in babies (the ones that already crawl/ move on their hands and knees) and toddlers (up to three years of age). By doing that, they encourage their physical and mental development. Dates of carrying out the motoric ability hours are posted on our webpage.

About Pedosana

We designed The motor skill development pathway for the youngest, especially the Polygon, in association with experts from motor development centre for kids and babies, Pedosana d.o.o. In Pedosana, they teach parents how to stimulate motor skill development in babies and kids up to three years of age. In the first months of the babies life, they lead parents in appropriate handling, which needs to be upgraded in line with the motor skill development. With exercises and encouragement, they follow the babies development and don’t get ahead of it. Later, they direct them, with more exercise, to conquering more difficult and more natural patterns of movement.


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